LCTA | New to Health Care 10/25/17

Uber Meets healthcare! HEAL App

The house call does exist!

Use HEAL App to have a doctor come to your home. This is not in place of your primary as it can be used alongside your already chosen doctors. Have a sick kid you do not want to take to the ER? You can use the HEAL App, and use it for many other needs. If you like a HEAL App DR. you may request that DR. in the future. Response time is about two hours, but as they are becoming more popular, wait time may be 24 hours. Heal app is growing quickly, and it seems to be popular with many users.

Cost saving for the HEAL App: No offices, lower costs passed on to the consumer.

Want the app? In your app store search for: Heal-on-demand by Heal (on demand doctors)


Benefits of using Compass

Whether you need help finding a great doctor or lowering healthcare costs, start with Compass. Get instant answers to healthcare questions 24/7.

Kaiser Members: Kaiser does not cover the HEAL App. You may sign up and use it, but the visit will not be covered by Kaiser Insurance. 

Compass is used by Blue Shield members.