PAC=Bond Issue & New Board Members

The Bond Campaign
The district needs bond funds so fewer dollars go to band-aid facility repairs and instead provide lasting improvements to our facilities.   Consequently, the bond will make more general fund money available for educational programs, which will be just as important as the current parcel tax. The bond will not add a tax burden, but will only extend the current amount already on the property tax.
Election Activities
Sign up to volunteer for the bond campaign.  We encourage members or any staff at your site to go online and sign up.  There will be a training and scripts to use.  We are targeting frequent voters who tend to support the schools, but we need to get out the vote.
Choose at least one afternoon, evening or Saturday to phone call or walk neighborhoods. Make it a social event.  Go out to eat before or after volunteering.

School board candidate forum, Monday night, Oct 2,  at 7 pm in the LCHS auditorium.  The La Cañada Council PTA, along with the League of Women Voters – Pasadena Area, will be hosting a public forum for the five candidates running for the LCUSD Governing Board election.  In addition to hearing prepared statements from the candidates, you will have the opportunity to submit written questions.

Joe Radabaugh, Kaitzer Puglia, and Dan Jeffries
Come and support our recommended candidates: Joe Radabaugh, Kaitzer Puglia, and Dan Jeffries.
Talk up the bond and our recommended candidates
Community members off campus can encourage people to vote for the bond and our recommended candidate. You will be more informed after attending the training.  Do not conduct any electioneering on campus.
The most effective means of communication will be for you to talk to members individually and in small groups at break or lunch.
To summarize:
  1. Sign up to volunteer for the bond campaign.
  2. Show up at the candidate forum.
  3. Talk up the bond and candidate campaigns with community members off campus.
  4. Communicate with members about how important this election is for our students and our schools.
Thanks again for your help.
Best regards,
Richard Weld